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“Salon RISE AND SHARE: A COVID-19 Togetherness Project for Musicians and Listeners”

29 August 2020

21:00 - 23:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Kit Young, Moderator


Last March, when Washington, DC imposed shelter-at-home restrictions in response to the rapid infections and tragic deaths due to COVID-19, I was determined to resist isolation. Although moved by some of the earliest pandemic musical collaborations with track recorded music, I wondered if it would be possible for friends to share their music, and their work, as we talked together online live in real-time but with less-than-great audio. I imagined myself in, let’s say, 1910 playing the piano over the telephone with a friend where sounds were warbled and delayed…yet two people connecting over such a distance was a miracle.

I’m sure Zoom will improve its technology in the next year to include low latency speeds. Other companies will step up for the general public. But until then, all of us participating in Salon RISE AND SHARE find inspiration, solidarity, sympatico and optimism by playing for each other, talking together, and building connections with new friends in far places.

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