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Accessibility, Sustainability and the Woman

Celebration Concerts
26 August 2023
22:00 - 23:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Anant Narkkong, Mieko Kanno, Dieter Mack, Max Riefer, Karst de Jong, Azfansadra Karim, Watchara Ploemyart, Kid Buok Sip and guests


Improvisation, exploring the musical memories from PGVIM International symposium 2014 - 2023. Dialogues between traditions, music, movements and visual worlds.

  • '10 years after'

Dieter Mack (Piano) and Max Riefer (Percussion)

  • Close encounter of the 4th kind

Karst de Jong (Piano) and  Azfansadra Karim (Hammond Organ)

  • Improvisation Showcase 2

PGVIM Students and Karst de Jong

  • ('.....................')

Anant Narkkong, Meiko Kanno, Watchara Ploemyart, Kid Buak Sip and guests

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