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“klang.kunst” The Storage of Arts

Panel Discussion
25 August 2022
11:00 - 12:00 hrs (GMT+7)

“klang.kunst” aims to expand a community of new generations musicians and artists of Thai nationality living in Europe and help them gain more recognition through the staging of unique musical and artistic works that have never been seen or heard before. “klang.kunst” originated from a German word that can be understood in various ways. “Klang” in German means the sound that occurs in the surrounding environment with a consistent frequency. “Klang” is a homonym of the word “klang” in Thai, which means a place to store a lot of things. “Kunst” in German means art that is created by artists and that does not occur naturally. Therefore, “klang.kunst” can be interpreted as both “The Sound of Arts” and “The Store of Arts.” “The Sound of Arts” represents musicians’ artistic interpretation of their work to the audiences while “The Store of Arts” refers to the stores activities and information of music and performances.

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