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The turbulence of the past two years is now easing. As our doors reopen, we find ourselves contemplating a new reality and our ability to reset and appreciate the world we left behind in 2020. We have a unique opportunity this year to re-adjust and perhaps even reinvent the world we live in. But what kind of world are we waking up to?


We live today in a now which is infused with all of our pasts—those remembered, recounted, and re-imagined. We also live in a now in which many possible futures are being realised. The now in which we find ourselves today contains a rich multiplicity of narratives, providing us with the  opportunity to listen to new voices, raise awareness of new perspectives, and consider one another’s experiences. This rich tapestry of narratives has deep significance in the musical world. Musicians now have unprecedented access to a wealth of ideas through which to explore new modes of  expression. Listeners today are similarly exposed to a wider range of aesthetics than ever before. Technology is enabling completely novel modes of music production and communication, bringing us to an age of streaming and instant availability, in which we can all choose which now to exist in and even navigate between multiple nows. As we appreciate yesterday’s sensibilities and the value of tomorrow’s directions, the musical landscape of the now becomes as diverse as our collective imagination.


At this year’s International Symposium, we will celebrate the multiplicity of narratives that characterise our time. We welcome presentations, workshops, and performances that investigate the musical landscape of today, looking at new paradigms of music creation, inventive distribution models, and the role of music education in promoting musical diversity and relevance.

Submission Deadline
25th July 2022

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